We collaborate with our clients
to develop new customized models
for a sophisticated compliance adoption

The new enforcement climate and the constantly changing business transactions requirements make it essential for organizations to have the right partner to work closely with to help you navigate the complexity of the risk landscape and to develop a strong compliance program.

FTPA together with a leading global consultancy firm have joined their collaborative forces to deliver innovative solutions based on cutting edge technical tools, deploying the blockchain technology to manage compliance challenges.

Combining the power of people, tools and tech to reshape collaboration

Cross-skills teams with deep expertise in best market practices

Multi-disciplinary services in France or abroad

Communication Agency

Technology as a driver of compliance integration and business growth

Big listed companies, mid-size or public entities

A proven track record of standards and regulatory compliance

Overcoming compliance challenges requires innovative solutions

Faced with the increasing laws and regulations and financial sanctions that impose stringent compliance requirements, the need is high for investment in systems, resources and processes to manage and mitigate the risks of non-compliance. We offer a comprehensive compliance perspective tailored to our clients’ specific goals, risks, and corporate governance to ensure they are compliant under various sanctions regimes and that appropriate operational and monitoring procedures are in place.

A unique approach to compliance advice on specific issues, including Anti-bribery and anti-corruption Competition and antitrust law, Data protection and trade secret Corporate social responsibility Public contracting compliance

Our lawyers and professionals establish individual compliance measures to prevent liability, detect and mitigate risks adequately. This will give your company a competitive advantage in addition to its potential impact on corporate image.

We design, develop and implement compliance procedures that include training and monitoring, especially in critical countries. We also provide advice and support with internal investigations, interacting with authorities if necessary.

FTPA support you with designing and developing a strategic action plan

Due diligence to identify and assess current risks

A risk map of business transactions/processes exposed to risks

Implementation of measures in accordance with existing business processes

Monitoring, follow-up process and improvements

Whistleblowing management

Continuous update: regulatory, industry requirements, and the business operations

Audit mechanisms in place to detect violations with remedial measures